New VMware vCenter/vRealize Management Station

Most likely if you are running a lab based on either Intel NUC or Apple Mac mini you are suffering from scarce RAM resources. Even more so, when you have a VSAN enabled consuming approximately a third from your total RAM per ESXi host (at least in my case). So, I day-dreamt thinking wouldn’t 16GB RAM modules be great?

Hence, I found myself browsing for 16GB SO-DIMM modules, and I have found them here: 

Though, there are some caveats with these modules:

  • They don’t come cheap (it essentially doubles the cost of a NUC easily)
  • They’re only working on Intel’s Haswell generation (they won’t run on any of the Mac mini systems)

I told myself to give it a try with a single system, and in short: it works perfectly!

Macmini lab NUC


I ordered an Intel NUC5I5RYH, an HDD and a SSD M.2 device, and two pieces of Intelligent Memory 16GB SO-DIMM (IMM2G64D3(L)SOD8A) modules. In the end to make it really happen and working my thanks goes to the following bloggers and their respective posts, I strongly advise you to read:

All in all, a great experience. Try it out!



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