Awesome Beatport Pro App Released!

Usually, I don’t get overly excited when it comes to software updates taking into consideration that it is about an online music store. But the new #BeatportPro app for the Mac is simply to great to neglect!

These are the features in a nutshell:

  • Include Tags in Native Instruments Traktor
  • Store Dual Key Data for Each Track
  • Two Ways to Rate Your Track
  • Increase Efficiency with Pre-set Filters

Still doesn’t sound great?
Well, seems to be like another of those feature list. But with lots of immense power behind it!Let’s quickly have a look at these new features (mostly copied from Beatport Pro’s tips):

Include Tags in Native Instruments Traktor

Ensure Traktor reads all your venue, mood and genre tags. Update your export preferences in Beatport Pro to include tags and set the music library file path. Then, update the File Management location for Traktor (Preferences > File Management > Directories) with the same file path. To update, go to Preferences > Export Settings

Store Dual Key Data for Each Track

With the flexibility of two key fields, you have the freedom to set your own key in addition to Beatport’s harmonic key. Use Mixed In Key or automatically include Open Key. To update, go to
Preferences > Tagging

Two Ways to Rate Your Track

Beatport Pro has two rating systems – one for energy and one for overall rating. Filter music by both to quickly find the perfect track. Rate tracks in your library under the “Additional Details” section.

Increase Efficiency with Pre-set Filters

Save your commonly used filters and streamline your cratedigging process. Filter by key, BPM, My Beatport artists, street date and more. Once you have a filter created, select “Save” and reuse again anytime.

Whilst all of these features have their own distinct beauty and are powerful, it is the last feature “Increase Efficiency with Pre-set Filter” that got me very excited. To make it really powerful you have to add your track collection to iTunes. Tip: In order not to spoil your entire Traktor Collection due to iTunes’s Library organisation you need to adjust some of iTunes default settings. Go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced and set it to the following (the folder location is where your Traktor Track Collection is stored):

ITunes Settings

After that open Beatport Pro and go to File > Import iTunes Library.... Your iTunes Library is added to your collection in Beatport Pro. With adding filters (Add Filter) it allows you to not only filter tracks from the store, but also from your entire collection!


Imagine how this powerful feature allows you to fill the gaps in your DJ set! I spent literally only ten minutes to fill the gaps where I was searching for hours to find the right track to supplement my DJ set! Very impressive! Since I am a lot into harmonic mixing my favourite filter settings in Beatport Pro is: Genre, BPM, Key. I want to add new filters like mood and energy, as well. But my library isn’t yet updated with these tags nor will you be able to filter for many tracks in that combination.

Enjoy playing around with it and giving it a try!

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