VMworld US 2013 – The EMC Sessions

Please find the EMC Breakout Sessions, below. There are all really great sessions. Register soon and enjoy!

  • STO5420 – Software-Defined Storage: The Art Of The Possible – Storage Breakout Session – Chad Sakac
  • STO5464 – Leading Edge: Evolving To A Software-Defined Data Center – Storage Breakout Session – Chad Sakac
  • BCO5276 – Next Generation ‘Economical’ Data Protection for Business-Critical Applications – Business Continuity Breakout Session – Yossi Saad
  • VCM5472 – vCO – Say Hi to Razor and Software Defined Storage Virtualization and Cloud Management – Breakout Session – Magnus Nilsson
  • OPT5489 – Pivot Fom Public Cloud to Private Cloud with vCloud and Puppet – Operations Transformation Breakout Session – Edward Newman
  • VSVC4570 – Ask the Expert VCDX’s – vSphere and vCloud Suite Panel Session – Matt Cowger
  • VCM5539 – The Missing Link: Storage Visibility In Virtualized Environments – Virtualization and Cloud Management Panel Session – Raghavan Srinivisan
  • VAPP5180 – Extreme Virtualized Oracle Performance in a Proven Architecture – Virtualizing Applications Breakout Session – Sam Lucido
  • VSVC4569 – Ask the Expert vBloggers – vSphere and vCloud Suite Panel Session – William Lam
  • PHC4478 – Three Advantages of Running Cloud Foundry in a VMware Private Cloud – Public and Hybrid Cloud Breakout Session – Steve Flanders

One thought on “VMworld US 2013 – The EMC Sessions

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