Nested Hyper-V on vSphere ESXi

After a long break, I’m finally back with exciting instructions on how to virtualize Hyper-V servers! I spent my spare leisure time to co-found VASOUMA, a dance project and did some stuff for my company For those reasons you haven’t read net new blogs on cloudjockey.

I wanted to explore more in virtualisation and I was particularly attracted by Microsoft’s brand new Hyper-V 3.0 with an interesting set of new features. It’s a very solid hypervisor and I definitely needed to look into it. However, I didn’t want to destroy my vSphere deployment at home. Thus, I was left with only one choice. This was to virtualise Hyper-V and let it run on top of a vSphere environment. So, I went to set up ADS, VMM, and started to install Windows 2012 Server, which includes Hyper-V 3.0. When I tried to add the role of a Hyper-V instance to that freshly deployed Windows 2012 Server things started to crumble…

Well, not that I let go, easily. I knew how to do nested ESXi servers, so I assumed the same has to be true for Hyper-V, as well. I was googling for the following blogs (thank you guys, you are awesome, and I wouldn’t have succeeded without you):

I condensed the information provided by the posts mentioned above and videotaped it. Of course, the whole setup is levering my Apple Mac Minis. I’m happy to present you my latest instruction video on Installing a nested Hyper-V 3.0 server on vSphere 5.1:

Have fun watching it and rebuild it in your own lab!

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