VMworld US – Suggested Sessions

VMworld starts on Monday, August 27th. That’s less than week to go! I’m looking forward to meeting with people who I haven’t seen in a while, attending sessions, doing hands-on labs, and so on.

I quickly want to share with you some of the highlights I plan to attend:


08.30a Keynote – VMworld 2012

Paul Maritz – CEO, VMware
Pat Gelsinger – President & COO, EMC Corporation – succeeding VMware CEO
Steve Herrod – VMware CTO

This years keynote will be detailing how VMware is helping customers and partners thrive in the cloud era with key announcements, discussions and demonstrations of the solutions at the heart of the software-defined datacenter.

11.00a – SPO3337 – Transform Your Mission Critical Applications on EMC and VMware

Adam Wagner – Consultant Cloud Architect, EMC Corporation, EMC Corporation
Sam Lucido – Oracle Global Functional Leader, EMC Corporation, EMC Corporation

A vital step towards delivering IT as a Service (ITaaS) is virtualizing mission-critical applications to gain unprecedented efficiency, application availability, business agility, and time to market. Enterprises need to decide whether to virtualize their mission-critical applications and supporting IT infrastructures while upgrading and migrating to newer releases, such as Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2012, SAP LVM, and SAP HANA – and also completely new data and application models using technologies such as Hadoop. Come to this session to learn how Oracle Databases can be successfully consolidated onto cloud environments while managing system resources to maintain SLAs and increase performance of your Oracle environment. Understand where you can benefit the most by leaving the legacy RDBMS model behind – and using next-generation technologies. Understand how to confidently transform your SAP environment and accelerate your application deployments. Together, EMC, Cisco, and VMware are taking a leadership role within the SAP community to deliver certified SAP Landscape Virtualization Manager and SAP HANA solutions to ensure that customers receive the scalability, high availability, disaster tolerance, and continuous access required for their mission critical information. This session explores several customers’ transformational journey with SAP Software as a Service (SaaS)-based application deployments and other mission critical applications and how they built world-class private cloud infrastructures.

02.30p INF-VSP1504 – Ask the Expert vBloggers

Scott Lowe – CTO, vSpecialist Team, EMC Corporation
Frank Denneman – Consulting Architect, VMware, Inc.
Chad Sakac – Vice President, VMware Technology Alliance, EMC Corporation
Duncan Epping – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc.
Rick Scherer – Senior vSpecialist, EMC Corporation

One of the highest-rated sessions at VMworld is back for it’s fifth year! Come meet four VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX) on stage answering your questions. We get the top Virtualization Bloggers in the industry and get them on stage answering your questions in a wide array of topics.

05.00p INF-STO2980 – vSphere 5.1 Storage Best Practices

Chad Sakac – Vice President, VMware Technology Alliance, EMC Corporation
Vaughn Stewart – Director for Cloud Computing solutions and Virtualization Evangelist, NetApp

Storage industry experts will discuss a number of best practices for connecting vSphere 5 to SAN & NAS storage platforms with a focus on performance, availability, and manageability.

06.00p VMworld Reception


08.30a Keynote – VMware CTO

Steve Herrod – VMware CTO

Steve Herrod and several VMware partners will take the stage to demonstrate the state-of-the-art technology that is transforming IT and enabling the mobile workforce.

11.00a INF-BCO1159 – Architecting and Operating a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster

Lee Dilworth – principal systems engineer, VMware, Inc.
Duncan Epping – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc.

In this session Lee Dilworth and Duncan Epping will discuss the design and operational considerations for vSphere Metro Storage Clusters environments, also commonly referred to as stretched cluster environments. Best practices around implementation and design will be shared. Various failure scenarios which can occur in a stretched storage environment are discussed in-depth including how vSphere 5.x responds to these failures. We will cover the implication on your vSphere HA, DRS and Storage DRS configuration and provide recommendations how to increase availability and simplify operations!

12.00p INF-VSP1475 – vSphere 5 Design Discussions

Scott Lowe – CTO, vSpecialist Team, EMC Corporation
Forbes Guthrie – Virtualization Architect, vreference.com

Led by authors Scott Lowe and Forbes Guthrie (co-authors of “VMware vSphere Design”), this session will focus on high-level topics around vSphere 5 design. There are lots of decisions that need to be made in a typical vSphere design, and VMware vSphere users who do not have experience in vSphere design might not be aware of some of these decisions and the effect these decisions can have on the final implementation. This session aims to help provide some high-level guidance on designing a VMware vSphere environment, with information taken from real-world experience and a focus on interactive participation from session attendees.

02.00p SUP1010 – Cloud Transforms IT. Trust Transforms Cloud. Big Data Transforms Business

Pat Gelsinger – President & COO, EMC Corporation

Cloud computing is transforming IT. The way IT deploys infrastructure, provisions resources, builds applications, and provides access to these applications is changing dramatically, promising both greater efficiency and agility. At the same time, many businesses now see data volumes growing so large they break traditional infrastructures – this is what EMC calls Big Data. Managing Big Data represents a huge challenge for IT, but using analytics to provide insight into Big Data promises to transform business, delivering competitive advantage and breakthrough business value. Cloud computing and Big Data will only be viable if they are underpinned by a foundation of trust – trust that the infrastructure will be available 24×7 and trust that data will not be compromised by the latest advanced threats. Join EMC as we address the changes necessary to move to a new model – one which requires IT to transform to an internal service provider, shifting focus from infrastructure cost to business agility. We will discuss EMC’s technology direction and roadmap, our comprehensive integrations with VMware, and customer experiences who have transformed IT and their business.

03.30p SPO3338 – The Latest in IT Transformation with EMC and VMware

Chad Sakac – Vice President, Global Presales Manager, EMC Corporation

Cloud computing transforms IT, delivering the maximum possible IT efficiency and flexibility. Together, EMC and VMware enable the most efficient and flexible infrastructure and management solutions for virtualization and hybrid cloud environments. This is a must-see session for anyone wanting to hear and experience the latest integrated technologies from EMC and VMware and also what future innovations are being developed, such as stretched active/active clustering. This session will cover the latest technologies including the updates to VAAI, VASA, vSphere 5.1, vCloud Director 5.1, View 5.1, intelligent virtual storage with vCenter Operations, and a service-driven management “mash-up” tool for better visibility and control in cloud environments. It will unveil major EMC platform updates that deliver non-stop reliability and simplicity at unlimited scale for hybrid clouds, Big Data, and virtualized mission-critical applications. EMC will announce its newest, scalable VSPEX reference architecture for VMware View. Likewise, EMC is transforming VMware backups, enabling VMs to be backed up 3x faster with 30x quicker recovery. End-user computing in the post-PC era is very different from an accessibility, application, and security perspective. Learn how you can build, centrally manage, and secure any SaaS, Web, and Windows applications to deliver them to end-users on the device of their choice – and do it with incredible performance, experience, and cost-effectiveness. The session will include real-world customer examples, updates to best practices, and fun demonstrations of the latest cutting-edge technologies.


08:30a INF-SEC2306 – Automated IT Infrastructure Management and GRC Technologies

George Gerchow – Director, Center for Policy & Compliance, VMware, Inc.
Hoc Phan – Solution Marketing Manager, EMC Corporation

This session will outline the integration of IT Infrastructure Management solutions from VMware, EMC, and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Technologies from RSA. Many organizations today struggle with exactly how to leverage the benefits of cloud computing without sacrificing security, control, or compliance. Due to siloed structures or a lack of standardized GRC processes, some IT departments lack visibility, are relegated to manual efforts, and lack a centralized audit function. The abstraction layers introduced by virtualization make configuration management and compliance validation even more difficult. The presenters will conduct a detailed demonstration of the out-of-the-box integration among VMware, RSA, and EMC technologies, showing the full lifecycle from policy creation, through scanning critical IT assets automatically, and reporting results via a dashboard.

12.30p OPS-CSM1167 – Architecting for vCloud Allocation Models

Chris Colotti – Consulting Architect, VMware, Inc.
Frank Denneman – Consulting Architect, VMware, Inc.

In this session Frank Denneman and Chris Colotti will break down the three vCloud Director Allocation models in depth. Each model’s settings will be shown in detail to explain the effect on vSphere resource scheduling. They will then show how Allocation models of the same type with different configurations, as well as different allocation models could live on the same Provider vDC. The goal is to demonstrate that by not only fully understanding the allocation models, but the vSphere resource allocation together you can design for multiple allocation models on a single Provider vDC. This session is a must for anyone implementing vCloud Director that wants to maximize their cluster and vCloud resource designs.

07.00p VMworld Party


11.00a INF-BCO2982 – Stretched Clusters & SRM; How and When to Choose One, the Other, or Both?

Chad Sakac – Vice President, Global Presales Manager, EMC Corporation
Vaughn Stewart – Director for Cloud Computing solutions and Virtualization Evangelist, NetApp

Need to deploy a highly-available vSphere cluster that spans two data centers? When should you deploy a geo-spanned storage cluster, a distributed storage cache, or SRM?

Many of the sessions that are listed above are held by my peers from either EMC or VMware.
Besides the sessions I will visit the EMC Hands-on-Labs (HoL), simply because they are great and give you insight in the latest and greatest of EMC technologies. More often than not they are paired with a cool VMware product. So, check it out. You can find the HoL when you take a left in the direction of Folsom Street at the VMware booth and walk almost to the very end of the hall.

See you there and enjoy VMworld!

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