Time To Vote! – The VMworld Sessions 2012

Dear reader,

If you plan to attend VMworld and are interested in attending one of my sessions (the two others are around Project Octopus and therefore probably not open to public voting), please raise your voice and vote for me!

My session is called “Session 2001 – Building up a highly secure virtualized home lab in a space constrained flat”.

Session abstract and outline:
Leveraging Apple’s Mac Mini technology, Qnap NAS, Cisco switching and a Palo Alto Networks Firewall in the mix with the VMware vSphere Infrastructure this session will show you how you can build your own lab on an extremely small footprint. Yet, it will allow you to run the full breadth of the rich VMware portfolio as well as Apple’s Mac OS X and even virtualize professional storage systems.

The session will cover the following points:

  1. Challenges of building your own lab
  2. The benefits of running your own lab for your career as IT professional
  3. Short introduction of the lab’s components
  4. (Live) demonstration and walkthrough of the lab
  5. Questions & Answers

If you are new to VMworld, unsure or can’t remember on how to vote for a session…

Step 1

Go to VMworld.com and either create a new account or if you own one already go directly to public voting.


Step 2

After logging in or creating the account and logging in, choose Filter Options.


Step 3

In Keywords type in constrained and click on the submit button in the lower right of the pop-up window.

The search will bring back my session as a result. Now click on the vote button to the left.


Thank you for voting!

All the best to every one who brave-heartedly submitted a session for VMworld. Let me know your session ID and I will vote for you! In return, it’d be nice if you vote for my session, too. Thank you for choosing my session!

2 thoughts on “Time To Vote! – The VMworld Sessions 2012

  1. Jonathan


    I’m really interested in your “Building up a highly secure virtualized home lab in a space constrained flat” session. Any chance you will make it available on your site?

    1. Hi Jonathan, unfortunately my session didn’t get enough voices, so it didn’t make it to VMworld. Which means I haven’t prepared anything. My idea was to show-case vCloud Director, a VCD fueled with a few apps, and vCOps running on two Mac Minis and a bunch of nested ESXi servers. On top of that, how to securely access your home lab. Basically, some of the stuff that you may have already found on my blog but nicely glued together into one session.

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