VMware Remote Console’s Bad Behavior

It happens so often, at least to me. I’m logging into a lab from remote and need to fire up a VMware Remote Console from within vSphere client. When I’m trying to type in username and password hitting the keys read like rrroooot. I intrinsically know that’s no good and I am not getting anywhere…

Unless well, I’m tweaking the vmx-file of that particular VM. In order to do that I shut down the VM and start editing it’s settings. If you encounter a similar challenge follow this procedure:

  • Right click virtual machine select Edit Settings
  • Click Options > Advanced > General > Configuration Parameters
  • Click Add Row
  • Under Name enter keyboard.typematicMinDelay In the Value field 2000000
  • Click OK
  • Power on the virtual machine

With this tweak you’re all set!

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